Fast N Pray

by C-Micah

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Ecclectic track about the depths of Fasting & Prayer



Verse 1.

Lord I’ve been straight struggling with this thing, perplexed stressed out disdain
I pull my arrow back, shoot, prayer, miss, aim
I just don’t understand why I never see change
See I read your book, then we get it in
Then I lift my hands and I let you in
Then I bring you blank spots pray you fill it in
Lord I know you hear me, but I still do it again
Feel like I’m drowning in the water need a rescue
But only You can do it, only what the best do
I’m feeling worthless Daddy, baby like a test tube
I’m wondering for me what’s the next move
Should I pray more or should I study hard
Then I hear a voice Holy Spirit straight from God
He said I hear your prayer but sometimes you pray amiss
You need to be specific and recognize this

Sometimes it will not move unless you Fast & Pray (Repeat 4x)

Verse 2
I push the plate back, no meat, no fat
Cut the TV off, nothing distract, I gotta hear from you
At all cost, every dead thing in me, break it off
Renew my mindset, I wanna hear clear crucify my flesh
I want my every breath, I wanna please you
Submit my will, let Yours ease through
And I aint even gonna front and say it’s easy
Cause right now my stomachs saying feed me
But I believe the, and I trust Your Word
Matthew 6:16, I trust in your Word
And I won’t let myself scrunch up my face
To let the world know in fasting I’m great
Nah I’d rather get intimate with you
And let your still, small, voice just come through

Sometimes it will not move unless you Fast & Pray (Repeat 4x)

Verse 3
Past the inner courts, into your presence
Prostrate in submission, I give you reverence
There is none like you and there will never be
Through affairs of this world, I couldn’t see
And I couldn’t hear, clear what you speak to me
As I consencrate, you break the deficiency
Then you get into me, as I get into you
Intimacy, Father I thank you
You broke the chains off me, as I drew back
From the flesh you opened up with no lack
It was like a match, in me you lit a flame
No everything obscure, I see plain
Cause I’m in the Spirit, living Holy Ghost
Pure pipeline, straight to the Uttermost
Sometimes to get through, at times there’s no other way
You have to consecrate, fast and pray

Sometimes it will not move unless you Fast & Pray (Repeat 4x)


released November 15, 2011



all rights reserved


C-Micah St Louis, Missouri

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